Workshop Attendee Comments


“I just finished Eric's Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 weekend training and am thoroughly satisfied and impressed. I find it challenging to find non-ego-driven men in the healing arts and Eric is everything but. Caring, humble, knowledgeable, and a fantastic facilitator. He has broken down this complex art into very digestible modules and teaches it in a way that reaches everyone's individual learning style. He answered ALL of our questions and left us with a wonderful, well-organized, and complete workbook to reference. I plan to continue learning from this intelligent and approachable teacher.”

“Eric is a great teacher, and I love learning from him. He is also so easy to connect with and exudes wonderful warm energy. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!”

"One of the BEST continuing education classes I have had in 29 years as an LMP.  Fun, upbeat and respectful. I liked learning about the Thai language, culture and your stories from Thailand."

“Eric was very present + available during the entire course. He was also patient + kind. The class renewed my interest in massage + my passion for stretching!”

“The Acupressure Points for Bodyworkers class was clear and well-paced. I loved the combo of written, spoken, pictures, demo + practice.”

“The Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 course has been my favorite CE course yet. I greatly appreciate Eric’s passion + enthusiasm. The course is very organized, yet there is room to play!”

“Eric gave space for laughter + joy. The information was presented in a clear + concise manner and with passion + an open heart. Thank you for presenting to all types of learners. I especially loved how you taught: demo followed by guided instruction.”

“Very clear, organized and great pace. Written materials corresponded well with added room for note-taking. Great humor! The class was very freeing, playful and direct. Using all of our body is a better way to provide healing to others.”

“This class was great for allowing all participants to feel welcomed and at ease, which really helped me.”

“Fun, exciting, thorough, educational, and at a steady pace.”

“All of the techniques and explanations were insightful and will be easy to integrate into my practice.”

“I like how Eric talked about the spirituality when practicing Thai Massage. Eric‘s delivery and teaching style is so personal, intimate, and humorous and I love that!”

“Kind, energizing, genuine, collaborative, and informative. Just the right amount of content with great demonstrations.”

“I like that we learned a complete sequence that could be practiced beginning to end! Structured, easy-to-follow pictures in the workbook.

"Eric has an inclusive and engaging oratorial style which helps disseminate a vast amount of information about Thai massage."

"I want to thank you for choosing to teach. Your classes are some of the clearest, most concise direction I've received in my 10 years in massage. I'm looking forward to continuing on this Thai massage path as your student."

"This class was just what I needed to revive my love for massage and bodywork. I really like all the hands-on time in class."

"I liked Eric's energy, positivity, and pace of the class. His speed and clarity of presenting the material were amazing. The class fit my style of learning in every possible way. Super hands-on and emotionally and spiritually stimulating."

"Thanks again for the tutorial today. I loved working with you and am still smiling. : )  It has been such an amazing experience learning from you and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for the gift of Thai Yoga Massage. It has added so much joy to my life. I am forever grateful. Looking forward to being a teaching assistant at your workshop. It will be an honor."

"Super class this weekend as usual. Your work inspires me."


"I especially liked the demonstrations, hands-on practice time, and comprehensive binder of handouts."

"Wow, what a class! My client came in this morning, hunched over and hardly able to walk because he threw his low back out yesterday doing yard work. I primarily used the poses from yesterday's class and he left a new man...upright and with barely any pain! Thank you so much for the very informative and fun class. You inspire me with your sincere and genuine wisdom."

"I want to thank you again for teaching such a wonderful class. The thing about you that I most appreciate is your respect and reverence for the Thai culture. It's a pleasure learning from someone so organized, knowledgeable, talented, creative, and funny. Thanks so much!"

"I am so grateful to have experienced the Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage workshop this past weekend. The handbook was clear and concise. Eric has a warm and inviting personality and made me feel at ease with his sense of humor and kindness. I feel like I am leaving with a solid foundation of skills."

"I just took your class this past weekend and wanted to let you know about my first client this morning. I integrated a few poses into my massage this morning, and I felt amazing! My client absolutely loved it as well...I feel like I have found something that can save my hands and my body from overuse. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this class. My client wants to send me to more of your classes. I cannot express how different I feel. Thank you so much."


"The handouts are very concise, detailed, and well thought-out. The demonstrations were clear, and our work was checked to see if we understood the material. Excellent class. I would definitely recommend it!"

"I loved the Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage class! Eric, you have a great teaching style, and you are light, joy-filled, warm, inclusive, and very knowledgeable."

"Eric, you have a wonderful way of attending to the details and helping individuals find their way."

"I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop this weekend!!!  You did a remarkable job teaching our class a LOT of information with an amazing amount of grace, knowledge and organization.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is one of the best workshops I've ever attended."

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop. The location was top-notch. I enjoyed your style.  You are easy, patient and laid-back.  After a few days of letting it all sink in, I began to incorporate my new skills into my practice.  My clients are loving it, and so am I."


"Eric was very clear, moved at a great pace..quick but with plenty of detail and very willing to allow for questions.  I appreciated his sensitivity to each person and his spirit-filled style!"

"I was able to apply immediately what I learned in class.  And THANK YOU for making it accessible and fun. I'm having fun with Thai on the table and so are my clients. It's always energizing to try new things. People love the side-lying shoulder cradle and arm stretch over the head. Great techniques for my pregnant clients, too, who can't lie prone. Kop kun ka!"

"Eric is one of the best instructors I've learned from. He is enthusiastic and genuine about his work. His training and knowledge are unsurpassed. I loved his teaching style!"

"I appreciated your thoroughness, sensitivity, and humor. The hands-on portions of the workshop were amazing.  I loved how energetic and passionate you are about this really shows. Thanks again for another incredible weekend.  I'm so appreciative of your willingness to share with us."

"I have to say a BIG kop kun ka to you.  I have had 2 clients so far this week and they said the treatment they received was the best they have ever experienced...and, one of them was another massage therapist! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us.  I am so excited to continue with the Thai massage and to be able to learn from you."


"This is one of the best classes I have ever taken.  The material is useful, practical, and relevant to a full-time massage practice.  I appreciate the emphasis on practitioner self-care and well-being."

"I loved starting each day with yoga and having you refer back to the poses throughout our practice time.  I loved the idea of using my whole body - watching your body mechanics was awesome and a great reminder about flow, Qi, and energy."

"I appreciated Eric's delivery of the material and his sense of humor!  The order of poses was logical to me, and it's beautiful to watch him practice the sequence.  I've been wanting to take this class for a long time and am so happy to have made it!"

"I am happy to note the changes in my body from the class.  It was a good investment of time and money.  I appreciate the level of detail that was invested in the manual. The pictures are very helpful and the descriptions make it quite complete."

"I really appreciated your respectfulness, and how you incorporated Thai culture, gentleness, and playfulness into the class."


"I thought the integration of breath and movement was amazing.  I liked the results I felt in my body and in all the people I worked on.  The results were immediate and fulfilling."

"Eric kept the class very interesting...never a dull moment!  Everything was well explained and demonstrated.  He kept everyone involved and answered questions thoroughly and thoughtfully."

"VERY thorough! I liked the detailed instructions and pictures in the manual along with the verbal directions...very helpful!!!"

"The entire technique is so refreshing and new. I loved the amount we learned. The walk-throughs of each pose were very helpful, and all of the poses were very powerful. You should do a video too!"

"I liked the creative, out-of-the-box approach that Eric offers. Fun, experimental, open, and playful.  I really loved the advanced poses we learned today."


"It was very well done...thought-out and nicely planned.  It was interesting and all the time was used wisely.  I was on the edge of my table the whole time!!  Eric's great."

"Eric is a wonderful teacher, and he's come up with a very clear, simple introduction to Thai Massage.  I liked the spiritual and nurturing aspect of Thai Massage."

"Eric added stories and experiences of his own that really brought the material to life. Eric is extremely patient and available for assistance.  I just really enjoyed his spirit."

"Eric's laid-back and humorous presentation style made the weekend fun!"

"This was the most engaging class I've ever taken!!  The material was presented in a way so that it was usable immediately."


"I leave here today feeling confident in giving a full Thai massage session."

"Eric is an excellent teacher!  He does a great job of presenting to every type of learning style."

"I'm eager to integrate this work into my life. I'm grateful to have been here today."

"Beginning each day with yoga to support movements was a nice way to be introduced to what was to come.  Nice flow - great pacing.  I look forward to follow-up classes."

"Thank you for your gentle touch. You made everyone feel welcome and appreciated."

"Organized, clear, and from the heart...full cultural experience."

"Great demos, great pace, just enough information at the right speed. Eric, you're awesome. I hope to have more soon!"


"Eric was so open to questions and stayed flexible about how our class moved. He was really approachable and kept his ego out of the teaching."

"Great manual. I really appreciate the clear photos and brief, but clear, explanations."

"It is clear how much time and thought you put into this class.  I never felt like my time was wasted."

"Everything Eric taught in class was so informative.  I'm excited to learn more next month!"

"I love the simplicity, ease and effectiveness of Thai massage. The passion you instruct with helps as well!"

"Everything flows so easily and questions are answered competently and compassionately."

"I really liked how the added poses from Levels 2-5 improve the flow of the existing routine learned in Level 1."


"This workshop is so applicable and useful. I feel like I am walking away from the course able to give an effective Thai massage."

"This class made me reconnect with my calling as an LMP. The class was very nurturing, and Eric is an awesome spirit."

"Eric, I appreciate the grace with which you present and teach this powerful style of bodywork.  Your pedagogy, care, fun attitude, and especially your talent and experience all contributed to a fine experience and education.   I'm inspired and grateful to discover an entirely fresh approach to healing."

"I loved the overview (very clear what we were going to cover), the brief historical context, and the content of the actual work was great.  I appreciated the organization, focus, and promptness.  Perfect amount of material balanced with practice time."

"The presentation was easy to understand and performed to allow the student to retain and practice with confidence.  Clear and very enjoyable!"


"The class was refreshing and innovative. I gained confidence in being able to stretch someone without hurting myself."

"Eric is very generous with information. I feel I have some great new methods to bring to my practice.  Eric responded to all my questions prior and during the workshop...above and beyond the call of expectation.  Very appreciated!"

"Lots of good information that was presented in an open, fun manner. I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm and the opportunity to ask questions."

"Thank you for valuing and respecting various learning styles and for being so relaxing to be with."

"Learning Thai massage has changed my life, especially how I practice and view massage in general.  Thank you, Eric!  You really are a great teacher, and you make it easy and fun."


"The workshop was very organized...just the right amount of material in each segment. Great combination of written, verbal and hands-on demonstrations.  I love your humor!"

"Eric is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help students succeed in learning the material presented."

"Your combination of teaching to different learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) was particularly helpful and appreciated!"

"Thank you, Eric!  Watching you do Thai massage is like watching a dance.  You opened my eyes to what it means, on a deeper level, to heal within a therapeutic relationship."

"The workshop was professional and clear, yet light-hearted. Good balance between demo's and practice time.  All the class time was relevant and essential."


"This class was amazing and even more than I had hoped for. I really liked the demonstrations of the poses and the time allowed for hands-on practice."

"I learned that taking care of myself is just as important as taking care of my clients."

"I loved the handouts, the flow and content of the class, and the overall organization.  You created a very supportive learning environment and answered everyone's questions."
"Thorough, clear, and heartfelt."

"The Integrated Thai Table Massage class was very methodical and easy to understand. The material is easily adaptable to other massage modalities.  Thanks!"


"I especially liked the meditation and yoga at the beginning of class."

"All of the material was informative and made sense. The organization from start to finish was perfect. Very thorough for an intro. workshop."

"I really liked the organization of the binder and thumbnail pictures. Also, I liked the flow of the class segments. There was a lot of material and the divisions felt natural and manageable."


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Client Comments

"Eric's understanding of energy and the human body is amazing. He is a skilled practitioner with the highest degree of integrity. He is also one of the most grounded, compassionate, caring people I know. I first came to see Eric for acupuncture after suffering for two years with migraine headaches. It was not until I started having regular acupuncture sessions with Eric that I experienced sustained relief. It was life changing for me. I am now completely off my medication and have not had a migraine in over two years. In addition to resolving my migraines, acupuncture has helped my insomnia, muscle pain, and digestive issues. Eric is a gifted healer and cares deeply about the well-being of his clients. He creates a safe and supportive space for everyone who comes through his doors. I trust Eric completely and can't recommend him highly enough." ~ Jennifer W.

"A friend recommended Eric and now I've given his name to several of my friends. He's helped relieve me of chronic muscle tension in my hips, neck, shoulders, and lower back. Sometimes it's relaxing acupuncture, sometimes soothing and energetic Thai massage, or a combination of both. The results are long lasting. What strikes me about Eric is his ability to read my body and adapt his technique to meeting its needs. He's intuitive, caring, extremely knowledgeable, and professional. The office environment is very nurturing and sweet. Eric was born to do this work and I'm enormously grateful to have found him!" ~ Michael P.

"I saw Eric for acupuncture and Thai massage after being in an auto accident. His treatments were invaluable for both my physical and emotional recovery from the accident. He is a sensitive and compassionate practitioner with an intuitive sense for the art of healing. His studio is calming and peaceful, a little refuge in the city. I'm grateful that he was there to help me through a very stressful time." ~ Wendy W.

"I have been coming to see Eric for incredibly relaxing and healing sessions for many years.  I was in a car accident which left me in a good deal of pain.  After what seemed like a few short weeks of therapy, the pain was virtually gone. The combination of acupuncture and Thai yoga massage has been very therapeutic and relaxing for me.  Eric is a very talented healer!" ~ Stephen H.

"After smoking for 30 years and trying five different times to quit, I finally found Eric and his healing arts practice through a referral. After the very first acupuncture session, the urge to smoke left me. And with just a few follow-ups, it has still not returned. That was almost nine months ago, and I feel better than I have since I was in my teens. I'm exercising regularly now for the first time in my life, and I'm much more in touch with my body. I continued to see Eric after the smoking cessation for other issues, such as sciatica, a recurring malady for me which he straightened out in one session using Thai massage and bodywork. Eric truly does have a healing touch. I always walk out of his place on a little cloud. I am so glad to have found him." ~ Susan R.

"I came to Eric in horrible pain from muscle spasms in my back and shoulders. For me, I had immediate relief, and the experience of acupuncture and massage is pleasant beyond belief. I look forward to my treatments and especially my pain-free existence. Eric is a true healer!" ~ Pete K.

"After three years of seeking a solution to my neck pain, Eric is providing a combination of Thai Massage and acupuncture that is finally bringing me relief. His approach of treating the whole body, not just the symptom, has been an important aspect. I highly recommend him." ~ Wendy T.

"My acupuncture/massage treatments are both therapeutic and relaxing--the best combination of all. Eric is an incredibly talented practitioner, using both skill and intuition to achieve wonderful results." ~ Jennifer U.

"For the past year, I have battled a painful left knee. The knee was just a response to other problems. Eric has helped me find relief through Thai yoga massage and acupuncture. My whole body has benefited in the process." ~ Rhea T.